Why do we need to learn English grammar?

Every language around the globe has its own set of rules in structures, usage, syntax and grammar. However, there is only one language called the International Language and that is English.

There are rules in English grammar and they range from basic to complex. If you apply the rules from your native language in speaking and writing in English, expect mistakes because whether we like it or not, there are rules to follow. This is where proper English Grammar learning with english-matters.co.uk comes in.

Every language has to be systematic and if it is your native language, knowledge about it is of course innate so you unconsciously speak according to how people around you speak. This is natural adaptation or a form of instinct. Nevertheless, as you grow older and become wiser, you learn that every sentence you speak and write consists of sets of rules. Therefore, your conscious brain seeks for clarity and more sense to be able to speak and write better. However, not all English teachers can teach the technical aspects of the English language. English Matters provides English Grammar Lessons on a framework for understanding the linguistic structure and the sociolinguistic uses of the English language.


Every successful learner is a product of a knowledgeable and passionate teacher.


Writing in both formal and informal environment.

For job applications, interviews and roles.

To clearly express yourself in speaking.

Affordable courses allowing block bookings or individual time slots

For essays, theses and any other educational purposes.

Course pace is managed by you. Lessons are daily, weekly or whatever fits your timetable.

For personal and professional development.

One unique element that we will provide for you is personalised learning. We target every student’s areas for improvement and/or weaknesses, and from that point, we start comprehensive teaching. We do not only teach English grammar lessons from basic to complex rules, but we also pride ourselves in making sure that there is a learning process along and at the end of every course.

Therefore, Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening tests are given to measure not only the amount of knowledge acquired by the learner, but also to assess whether our teachers’ give their full capabilities in making their students achieve maximised learning. To give excellent teaching subject knowledge is one key; passion is another.