What are the advantages or indeed benefits of studying with English Matters?

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Unlike many internet sites that are based in far off lands we are  in the UK offering structured  Skype English lessons specialising in English grammar with coursework. You will be given an agreed homework timetable to submit, which means with our lessons you are not just paying for our time online but our time between lessons to mark homework and lesson plan production. I might add this can consume additionally an extra 50% of our time online so learning with Skype online lessons is absolute value for your money.

We are also considering to offer  group online Skype English lessons to make learning English more affordable for some; so if this is something that is of interest,  please leave a message using our site contact form; to help us make an informed decision on the likely numbers and pricing.

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Some benefits: Well, for a start off, we have an amazing track record of satisfied past students  that can attest to our high quality teaching. Skype English lessons allow your money to go further: e.g: no travel expenses, no UK accommodation and associated costs. You are also allowed to continue with your normal life without interruption receiving all the benefits this has to offer.

There really is no substitute for one to one learning, it really allows the teacher to focus on the student to enhance the teaching process and in return you learn more effectively and overall receive a happier and more pleasant experience.

Explore a free Skype English Lesson by clicking here.

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Learn Faster

You will get 100% teacher attention time because you are the only student. The teacher can focus their energy on you, so you will learn much faster.

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Build Your Confidence

The lessons are designed to get you speaking confidently and quickly.

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Choose Your Course Pace

You can select and control how many lessons a day, week or month you can commit to, allowing you to decide what best suits your circumstances.

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No video

Real English Grammar Teacher, giving you a real English Grammar Lesson/Course.

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